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Kitchen Remodels in Denver, CO – Bring Your Dream Home to Life

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of your home. It is the area where your family congregates for meals, shares about the day’s activities, and bonds through each other’s company. That’s why it’s crucial for you to ensure that this space is comfortable and creates a livable environment for you and your family.

One-of-a-Kind Kitchen Remodel for our Denver Clients

Remodeling your outdated or overcrowded kitchen can make a dramatic difference to your daily living. A modern kitchen not only makes your food prep and cooking easier but also significantly adds value to your home.

Elite Cabinetry & Granite has been proudly serving our Denver patrons for decades, and we can supply the skills and expertise for a kitchen renovation that fits your lifestyle. Our reputation is based on exceeding our client’s expectations, and you can trust us for a remodel guaranteed to satisfy you.

Signs that It's
Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Many homeowners are quite attached to their current kitchen models and often opt for minor kitchen repairs rather than replacements. As professionals, we can guarantee you that if we feel that a minor repair is the best for you, we will happily provide.

However, there are some occasions where a complete kitchen makeover is simply the right course. A kitchen remodel is important if:

You Plan on Staying Long in Your Current Home

A major remodel is a significant investment, and probably isn’t the best financial option if you are planning to move out in a couple of years (unless you want to increase the resale value). But if you plan to stay longer, you can remodel your kitchen to fit your unique style and taste.


Your Current Layout is Impractical

The “Kitchen work triangle” is a common term among contractors and remodelers used to determine your kitchen layout’s efficiency. The primary elements of your kitchen include the oven, cooktop, and the refrigerator– and these three points make up the work triangle.

If there is not enough space between these three points, your kitchen’s functionality may be compromised, hence the need to rework your floor plan.

Your Current Layout is Impractical

Pans stored in the stove while its off, snacks building up on the countertop, and glasses lined up next to the sink are all clear signs that your kitchen model is not working for you. A kitchen renovation with an improved storage focus will eliminate the clutter problems and provide you with more space.


Your Appliances aren’t Pulling the Weight

A few things are more frustrating than a refrigerator that stops working, an oven that can’t turn keeps stalling, and a microwave, which is now just a decoration. If your appliances start acting up, it may be a signal; it’s time to update them and improve the function of the entire space.


Your Cabinets are Breaking

It’s not uncommon for one cabinet to break. However, many homeowners don’t realize that the rest are likely to follow suit, leaving a cabinet space that is falling apart.

Rather than fixing each cabinet and waiting for the next to fall, it is better to opt for a full kitchen remodel and solve the cabinet and storage issue once and for all.

Choose Elite Cabinetry & Granite for Your Kitchen Remodel in Denver, CO

Elite’s team of kitchen remodelers know how to exactly renovate your kitchen for maximum efficiency and boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. We are committed to providing a great experience for you throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process- from creative design, execution, and construction.

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