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Kitchen Damage Restoration Boulder



Damage to your kitchen, either in the form of fire damage, smoke damage, or water damage, can be one of the most heartbreaking things to witness. Seeing all your hard work go up in a puff of smoke or seeing your kitchen damaged due to adverse weather or a leak can be one of the most difficult things to bounce back from, but this is where we can help.

If you are looking for kitchen damage restoration services Elite Cabinetry & Granite is here to help you get your kitchen back up to code.


The damage from a fire doesn’t only put people’s lives in danger, but it can cause excessive damage to the property. A kitchen fire can start for a number of reasons. For example, someone could leave the stove on, which after a few hours, can cause the fire to blaze and damage the entire kitchen, or inadequate ventilation could increase the chances of a kitchen fire. In short, fire can cause a big disaster. But this is where we can help with our Boulder fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration emergency services.

If you are looking for fire damage restoration in Boulder, CO, our restoration professionals can help to recover the condition of your kitchen. We have been in the business of remodeling kitchens since 2006, and if your dream kitchen looks like a nightmare, we offer boulder fire damage cleanup services to ensure that your countertops, cabinets, and appliances are back up to scratch so you can recapture your original vision.

The insurance process can be incredibly complicated and stressful, but we can help here. We always act as the insurance advocate between you and the company, which ensures you have the least amount of worry possible during this time and highlights our dedication to ensuring that the restoration is as you want it.

The insurance company will never pay until the fire damage restoration is completed, so we ensure that the damaged kitchen materials are replaced with items of similar quality and value to what you lost.


As a homeowner, nothing can prepare you for the turmoil and stress of discovering a flood or leak in your kitchen. Water damage is an incredibly devastating aspect of owning a home, and when you are living in an area that can be prone to floods, you can be tinged with regret about having not made adequate preparation to protect your home against the elements. 

The damage caused by water doesn’t just affect the utilities and the surfaces, but the effect can linger for much longer afterward. 

  • In minutes, water can spread to other areas of the kitchen which further increases the scope of the damage, which will impact the drywall and the base molding. 

  • In hours, cabinets can begin to split, swell, or delaminate, and bacterial odor develops. 

  • In days, surfaces begin to rust, and the costs can escalate. 

If you are looking for the best water damage restoration Boulder has to offer, we provide water damage restoration for single-family homes in Boulder and other areas. We take your kitchen seriously and make sure that everything you have lost can be restored back to its original quality. 

As a family-owned company in Colorado, we appreciate the wide-ranging impacts of having your kitchen destroyed by floods or water damage. Common causes of kitchen water damage do not just come from adverse weather but can also stem from the following: 

  • Water leaks under the kitchen sink.

  • Blocked drains. 

  • Leaks under appliances. 

  • More hidden problems, such as cracks around countertops.

Naturally, it can be devastating just thinking that your kitchen will not be able to come back to the way it was. This is where Elite Cabinetry & Granite provides invaluable support throughout the restoration process. We work with the insurance company to ensure that any damaged kitchen materials are replaced with those of similar quality and value to what you had lost, and we provide the cabinets so your kitchen can get back up to the way it used to be. 

As heartbreaking as it is to see the effects of water damage, you can rest assured that we bring the Elite standard to guarantee your kitchen cabinets and units are restored to their former glory. Having designed and remodeled numerous kitchens over the years, with our 14+ years in business, we can ensure that water damage is a thing of the past.


Beyond fire damage, smoke can create a very hazardous environment. If your home has suffered a fire that is contained in one area, smoke and soots can move throughout the structure. If you are looking for smoke damage restoration in Boulder, we can give you everything you need to restore your kitchen to its past glory. 

Smoke-damaged homes come in different types of smoke, including: 

  • Wet smoke, refers to fumes from smoldering flames, such as plastic. 

  • Dry smoke is caused by high-temperature fires from wood or paper. 

  • Fuel smoke comes from burnt oil or similar items. 

  • Protein smoke refers to fumes produced from burning organic matter, which is usually present during kitchen fires. 

Suffice to say, you need invaluable support during this time to help you restore your kitchen. Elite Cabinetry & Granite are the insurance advocates during this process, ensuring that you can get to work on building your kitchen back to the way it was. We guarantee the insurance company replaces any damaged kitchen materials with similar quality and value to what you had lost, and we provide the cabinets. 

Smoke damage can cause unsightly stains in your kitchen, making it one of the most arduous tasks to clean. If your utilities and cabinets have become smoke damaged, you can rest assured that the best kitchen damage restoration Boulder CO has to offer is on your side.


If you are looking for the best kitchen damage restoration Boulder has to offer, Elite Cabinetry is your full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in the Denver metro area. Our centrally located showroom is where you can find us, so we can give you the invaluable support you need during this tough time. 

Kitchen damage is nothing short of heartbreaking; we appreciate the hard work that has gone into designing your dream kitchen can leave you feeling hopeless when you’ve experienced smoke, fire, or water damage.

Our team of restoration professionals is the only one who will stand up to the Elite Standard. This ensures that if you are looking for kitchen damage restoration services for your Boulder property, Elite Cabinetry has a professional team that always gives you the support you deserve.

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